Volume 2, Issue 2

Published: November 2018

Vol 2 Issue 2

Food and Ethical Consumption

Edited by Marylyn Carrigan

Published: November 2018

Welcome to this special issue of Journal of Consumer Ethics themed around Food and Ethical Consumption

The purpose of the issue is to bring together work that contributes to our understanding of food and ethical consumption, and the papers that feature illustrate how broad and complicated some of the challenges are relating to food and ‘eating well’.

Recent decades have seen an emerging agenda to support better food quality, greater authenticity and localness in production, sustainability, fairtrade, and animal welfare (Eden et al., 2008). Issues such as food labelling, food justice and food poverty, alternative food networks, food tourism, slow food and food waste are increasingly at the forefront of discussions about the ethics of food consumption.

While the special issue may raise more problems and challenges than it provides answers and solutions, it signals fruitful territory for future research in food and ethical consumption.

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Marylyn Carrigan
Food and Ethical Consumption
P 1-7


Themed Articles

Deirdre Shaw, Andrew Cumbers and Hugh Kippen
Where’s my shop?
P 8-16

Emma Surman, Mihaela Kelemen, Helen Millward and Sue Moffat
Food, Ethics and Community: Using Cultural Animation to Develop a Food Vision for North Staffordshire
P 17-25

Morven G. McEachern
Ethical Meat Consumption: Transitioning Towards Sustainability?
P 26-33

Jennifer Ferreira and Carlos Ferreira
From bean to cup and beyond: exploring ethical consumption and coffee shops
P 33-47


Book Review

Dan Welch
Yana Manyukhina: ‘Ethical Consumption: Practices and Identities, a realist approach’
P 48-50


News in Consumer Ethics
PP 51-55





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