Volume 2, Issue 1

Published: June 2018

Vol 2 Issue 1

What is going on in ethical consumption

Edited by Rob Harrison

Published: June 2018

This third issue is the first we have tried with no theme at all – just an attempt to capture some of what is going on in ethical consumption generally.

Our first article uses ethical consumption ideas as a lens to focus on the history of ivory consumption – from Roman furniture to the modern day illegal trade in artifacts from an endangered species.

Our second article looks at the difficulties of measuring ethical consumption using traditional marketing and economic ideas and tools.

We have a great review of a new book from the USA situating the recent political consumption campaigns against Trump in the country’s long history of consumer activism. And we have an extract from another book focussed on business ethics but which also identifies and discusses how changing consumer desires are driving new ideas around purpose in global business.

Our news section, as well as looking at some conferences and calls for papers, keeps us up to date with ethical consumer research around the world. We learn about studies from China, Romania, India and Saudi Arabia as well as about a mobile phone app project in Spain.

Finally we have a ‘practitioner paper’ from Heather Webb at Ethical Consumer on the state of reporting by companies on modern slavery in their supply chains, and what this means for consumers.


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Rob Harrison
JCE – Stumbling into the light
PP 1-2



Terrence H. Witkowski
Elephant Ivory and the Temporalities of Consumer Ethics
PP 3-20

Eleanor Boyce and Rob Harrison
Measuring Ethical Market Size: Challenges and Dilemmas
PP 21-28


Book Review

Dan Welch
Caroline Heldman (2017) Protest Politics in the Marketplace
PP 29-32


Book Extract

Anne Bahr Thompson
Doing good – the new business mantra (2018)
PP 33-37

Appendix 1: Practitioner Paper

Heather Webb
The Modern Slavery Act – are company responses helping consumers?
PP 38-48


Calls for submissions
News in Consumer Ethics
PP 49-54



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