Volume 1, Issue 1

Published: April 2017

Vol 1 Issue 1

Reflections on classic texts on ethical consumerism
Published: 26th April 2017


As we can see from the articles in this issue, the ideas of consumer ethics, consumption ethics and ethical consumers are contested and sometimes even controversial. Nevertheless, at the same time, we can see that they are also both popular and important.

These ideas are popular because, in the modern world, almost all of us are consumers, and most of us like to think of ourselves as, in some sense of the word, ethical.

This wide aspect to ethical consumption ideas is also reflected in the range of academic disciplines now beginning to focus on the subject. In this issue we focus on the ‘early adopters’ in geography, business studies, politics and marketing.

But in one of the two recent books reviewed here we also find texts from historians, anthropologists, psychologists, ethicists and urban planners. And in the news section we look at work from educationalists, farmers and hair dressers!


Editorial and introduction
Rob Harrison – Ethical Consumer Research Association
PP 2-4


Themed Section – Reflecting on classic texts on ethical consumption

Clive Barnett, Nick Clarke and Paul Cloke
Whatever happened to ethical consumption? Reflecting on ‘Consuming ethics: articulating the subjects and spaces of ethical consumption’ (2005)
PP 5-11

Marylyn Carrigan
Why are we still not ethical shoppers? Revisiting ‘The myth of the ethical consumer – do ethics matter in purchase behaviour?’ (2001)
PP 12-21

Ian Cook et al
From ‘follow the thing: papaya’ (2004) to followthethings.com
PP 22-29

Michele Micheletti
Reflections on ‘Political Virtue and Shopping’ (2004)
PP 30-36

Terry Newholm and Deirdre Shaw
Re-reading ‘Voluntary Simplicity and the Ethics of Consumption’ (2002)
PP 37-42


Original Article

Phani Kumar Chintakayala and C. William Young
Using big data to understand consumer behaviour on ethical issues
PP 43-47


Book Reviews

Daniel Welch
Robert Crocker (2016) “Somebody Else’s Problem: Consumerism, Sustainability and Design”
PP 48-53

Alex Hiller
Deirdre Shaw, Andreas Chatzidakis and Michal Carrington (eds) 2016. Ethics and Morality in Consumption: Interdisciplinary Perspectives
PP 54-58


News Articles

UK: Modern Slavery: Consumer Perspectives
UK: ESRC ECRA Glasgow Collaborative PhD scholarship on clothing
UK: Southampton University and Sustainable Haircare
AUS: Consumers and tax avoidance
AUS: Children more ethical than their parents
NZ: Consumers embracing minimalism
USA: Conference on The Good Consumer: Consumption, Ethics, and Subjectivity
USA: Predue University study on Exploring Relationships between Ethical Consumption, Lifestyle Choices, and Social Responsibility.

PP 59-66


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