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Vol 1 Issue 1

Reflections on classic texts on ethical consumerism
Published: April 2017
Edited by: Rob Harrison

The ideas of consumer ethics, consumption ethics and ethical consumers are contested and sometimes even controversial. Nevertheless, at the same time, we can see that they are also both popular and important.

These ideas are popular because, in the modern world, almost all of us are consumers, and most of us like to think of ourselves as, in some sense of the word, ethical.

This wide aspect to ethical consumption ideas is also reflected in the range of academic disciplines now beginning to focus on the subject.

In this issue we focus on the ‘early adopters’ in geography, business studies, politics and marketing. But in one of the two recent book reviewed here we also find texts from historians, anthropologists, psychologists, ethicists and urban planners. And in the news section we look at work from educationalists, farmers and hair dressers!

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Vol 1 Issue 2

Gender and Ethical Consumption
Published: October 2017
Edited by: Dr Sarah Marie Hall and Dr Helen Holmes

The second issue of questions why the relationship between gender and ethical consumption has been largely overlooked within academic agendas.

In doing so, this issue raises 3 key questions:

  • What can current research tell us about the relationship between gender and ethical consumption?
  • What theories, methods or approaches might help us to better understand this relationship?
  • What are the implications for understanding ethical consumption through the lens of gender, or gender through the lens of ethical consumption?

 Broadly split into two key themes, the issue:

(a) considers how the motivations, practices, and politics of ethical consumerism have gendered dimensions and can reveal gendered differences;

(b) and also applies feminist or gender-sensitive perspectives to investigating ethical consumerism.

Amongst the 13 contributors are NGOs, including Oxfam, and scholars from anthropology, business and management, economics and geography writing about their respective work in China, Denmark, Finland, Kenya, Spain, UK and USA.

The issue also covers a comprehensive range of issues.  Some are focused on different consumer goods including fashion, perfume, and ethical fur.  Others consider ethical consumption within particular spaces and places, such as energy use within the home and everyday family practices.  A further set approaches the topic through a corporate lens, examining ethical consumption from a branding and corporate social responsibility perspective.

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