Future Issues

Vol 2 Issue 1

Publication Date: June 2018
Submission deadline: 19th April 2018

Unthemed Issue: We are welcoming submissions on any topic concerning ethical consumption

Building on the success of our first two issues we are inviting academics young and old to submit articles for an unthemed issue of our peer-reviewed journal. For this issue we are looking for submissions around 2,000 words long. We are welcoming submissions on a wider range of topics for this issue.

With an academic and a non-academic audience, JCE’s aspiration is to advance the ethical consumption research agenda both academically, and within civil society. Learn more about the journal here.

We welcome submissions in the usual way by the 19th April – with corrections needing to be completed by May 20th for publication in this issue.

Published by Ethical Consumer Research Association, this journal is part of a wider network of researchers, academics, businesses and consumers

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Vol 2 Issue 2

Target Publication Date: TBA
Submission deadline: TBA

Themed Issue: Food & Ethical Consumption 

More information to follow…

For non-themed content, we welcome submissions in the usual way.

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