Guidelines for Authors and Submissions

Below are some brief guidelines for anyone interested in submitting their work for publication in the Journal of Consumer Ethics.

Submissions from graduate students, young academics, or those who are at the beginning of their academic career are very much welcomed.

Articles in the JCE will be published using the Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial-ShareAlike International Licence (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0).


Submission Guidelines

Originality of your work
By submitting work to us, you automatically agree that your contribution is the original work of the stated author(s) and has neither been published, nor be under consideration for publishing, elsewhere.

All submissions must be in good British English and of a publishable quality. This means that there should be no mistakes in your spelling, grammar, punctuation, and English usage.

1) All articles must be properly annotated and referenced
2) Use a common font such as Times New Roman, one and a half (1.5) spacing, and space your paragraphs (do not indent).
3) Use single quotation marks for quotes and double for quotes within quotes. Only use quotation marks for direct quotations. Do not use quotation marks for emphasis, to imply scepticism, or to ask the reader to deduce meaning.
4) Use italics for the names of books and for non-English words and transliterations.

Referencing Style
We use the Harvard referencing system. For guidelines on this system, please refer to

Abstract and Keywords
Authors are requested to include a short 100-200 word abstract at the beginning of their submission as well as keywords. 

Use endnotes and instead of footnotes, and please keep the number of your endnotes to a minimum.

Article Length
For discussion papers and book reviews, we would like authors to try to keep their submissions to no more than 2,000 words including notes, references, appendices, etc.

For general articles, the limit is 5,000 words including notes, references, appendices, etc.

As you are the author it is your responsibility to ensure that your work is presented in a professional manner. Please be aware that we do not employ professional editors and copy editors.


Peer Reviewing Process

All articles published as academic research are subject to a process of double blind peer review.

Each article will be refereed by at least two scholars and the identities of the reviewers and authors are unknown to each other throughout the review process.

Since our editors work as volunteers for free, we would request that authors submit articles ready for publication.

JCE will endeavour to return reviews to authors within three months of first submission and, subject to reviewer comments, to publish articles within one month of submission of the corrected and final version.

We reserve the right to reject any article deemed unsuitable for publication.


Subject Matter

We will consider further contributions to general areas where the research community has developed debates: ‘ethical consumer’ profiles, consumption as voting, activism through boycotts and buycotts, new media, frugality and voluntary simplicity in individual and alternative community settings, geographical similarities and differences, the role of governments, historical precedents, philosophical insights etc.

Submissions extending or critiquing the present scope of debate, however, will also be welcomed.

Whilst our focus is necessarily on the consumer experience, our scope can include contextual submissions. We would, for example, be interested in business and consumer interaction, social marketing interventions, activism in facilitating consumer/producer interaction, where these specifically draw out the consumer interest.


Submitting your work

Authors should send their submissions to the as an e-mail attachment, preferably as a Microsoft Word document.

In your email please state which section of the Journal you would like to submit your paper to. Deadlines for themed content for each issue can be also found on that page.

For reviewed submissions please also include the following information in the main body of your e-mail:

1) a 150 word abstract
2) brief biographical information, including previous publications (if applicable)
3) a list of key words and phrases that best describe your contribution

If you are submitting an article for peer-review please:
1) Do not include your name or personal details in the header of the article.
2) Try not to quote your own work. If you must make reference to your own work do not quote or cite yourself while also using the personal pronoun ‘I’.
3) Include a separate cover sheet the title of the article, and your name, title, institutional affiliation, and contact details.

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