About the Journal of Consumer Ethics

About JCE

A new peer-reviewed academic journal published by the Ethical Consumer Research Association.

JCE is open access and supported by sponsorship and grants rather than author fees.


JCE welcomes collaboration

Ethical consumption is a very promising space for engagement between academics, business and civil society. In this initial, experimental, period the JCE’s focus will be on engagement rather than impact factors.


Project aims

  • to improve and broaden knowledge of consumption ethics both theoretically and in its application to current ethical concerns in the market and human environmental unsustainability.
  • to provide a space for discussion where all terminologies in this space are welcome; this would include but not be limited to sustainable consumption, political consumption, ethical consumption and responsible consumption.
  • to encourage debates around key issues such as the limitations of ethical consumption movements, the role of new media, and geographical comparisons.
  • to be actively interdisciplinary with a developing engagement beyond academia to consumers, civil society and business.


Commercial aims

  • to publish materials without payments for access or author processing fees in the first year or so at least.
  • to publish using the Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial-ShareAlike International Licence (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)
  • to attract sponsorship and grants, advertising and individual donations for this model to succeed.  For more information contact journal@ethicalconsumer.org


Operational aims

  • to deliver speedy on-line publishing with three months target for the period between a submission being accepted and it appearing on the JCE website.
  • to produce two issues in 2017 moving to three times per year in subsequent years.
  • to operate in a self-consciously ethical manner with regard to its day to day management and its treatment of authors, reviewers and colleagues.


Editorial Board

JCE is actively seeking interested academics from anywhere in the world to join its editorial board for a closer consultative role in the direction of the journal.

If you have experience of working on ethical consumer issues and are interested in joining the project, please contact us to find out about our terms of reference.

The current editorial board is:

Dr Tomas Ariztia (Associate Professor – Universidad Diego Portales, Chile)

Dr Kate Burningham (Sociology Department – University of Surrey)

Professor Marylyn Carrigan (Coventry University – Centre for Business in Society)

Dr Andreas Chatzidakis (Royal Holloway/ University of London – School of Management)

Dr Phani Kumar Chintakayala (University of Leeds – Consumer Data Research Centre)

Dr Piergiorgio Degli Esposti (Associate Professor – University of Bologna, Italy)

Dr Helen Gorowek (University of Leicester – School of Management)

Dr Sarah Marie Hall (University of Manchester – Geography, School of Environment, Education and Development)

Rob Harrison (Ethical Consumer Research Association)

Professor Dorothea Kleine (University of Sheffield – Geography Department)

Dr Joanna Long (Ethical Consumer Research Association)

Dr Terry Newholm (Manchester Business School – Marketing Department)

Dr Julia Obinger (University of Zurich – International Studies, Austria)

Dr Roberta Paltrinieri (University of Bologna, Italy)

Hiroshi Sato (Institute of Developing Economies, IDE-JETRO, Japan)

Professor Deirdre Shaw (Glasgow University – Adam Smith Business School)

Professor Tatsuya Watanabe (University of Tokyo – Faculty of Economics, Japan)

Dr Dan Welch (University of Manchester – Sustainable Consumption Institute)

Dr Stefan Whalen (Wageningen University, Netherlands)


Ethical Consumer Research Association (ECRA)

ECRA is a not-for-profit multi-stakeholder co-operative based in Manchester UK which exists to:

  • encourage sustainable behaviour across the corporate sector through market pressure
  • empower individual consumers to take action on issues of concern to them
  • lead international discussion and research on the potential of ethical purchasing

It publishes a popular consumer magazine and website at www.ethicalconsumer.org

Key content from the JCE will be highlighted on a regular page in Ethical Consumer magazine.


Imprint Information

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