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Oxfam’s Behind the Barcodes Campaign – Rob Harrison (October 2019)

Living the Good Life on Instagram. An exploration of lay understandings of what it means to live well – Anastasia Loukianov (August 2019)

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Volume 2, Issue 2 

Food and Ethical Consumption
Published: November 2018
Edited by: Marylyn Carrigan

This issue is themed around Food and Ethical Consumption and brings together work that contributes to our understanding of food and ethical consumption, and the papers that feature illustrate how broad and complicated some of the challenges are relating to food and ‘eating well’.

While the special issue may raise more problems and challenges than it provides answers and solutions, it signals fruitful territory for future research in food and ethical consumption.

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Vol 2 Issue 1

What is going on in ethical consumption
Published: June 2018
Edited by: Rob Harrison

This third issue is the first we have tried with no theme at all – just an attempt to capture some of what is going on in ethical consumption generally. Although it is short, it is the first whose contents are making a general statement about the space we are trying to occupy, and this remains an open question.

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Vol 1 Issue 2

Gender and Ethical Consumption
Published: October 2017
Edited by: Dr Sarah Marie Hall and Dr Helen Holmes

The second issue of questions why the relationship between gender and ethical consumption has been largely overlooked within academic agendas.

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Vol 1 Issue 1

Reflections on classic texts on ethical consumerism
Published: April 2017
Edited by: Rob Harrison

In this issue we focus on the ‘early adopters’ in geography, business studies, politics and marketing.

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